I have been lucky enough to attend a number of Matt Pepper’s sessions that he has kindly carried out for the staff at GOSH. I found the sessions truly a rewarding experience both personally and professionally. 
Matt really does have a few tools up his sleeve that are easily transitioned to reality and can help promote emotional well-being and a general sense of positivity.
Anna - Senior Staff Nurse


His clients have included everyone from musicians, artists and film directors, to chief execs, nurses and students, who all had one thing in common; they wanted to make positive changes to their mindset and learn how to be happy again. Having given more than 15,000 consultations, and witnessed many personal transformations, Matt knows what it takes to improve someone’s state of mind, cast off their stresses and find their right direction.

A passionate speaker, Matt also lectures on happiness and wellbeing for medical teams at Great Ormond Street hospital. He loves giving his ‘Pepp Talks’ where he shares the essence of his book, motivating groups and organisations from all works of life.

Matt was inspired to pursue natural routes to health and wellbeing by overcoming a chronic health condition in his teens. This was cured using homoeopathic medicine when all conventional routes couldn’t come up with the solution. A mysterious benefactor, who remains anonymous to this day, enabled him to train at the College of Homeopathy, London.

After graduating, Matt wanted to keep exploring the concept of happiness, both for himself and for his clients. A strong believer in the link between physical and mental health, he travelled the country and even sat on mountains to gain insights from counsellors, therapists and psychologists. Over time he has taken the many lessons he has learned, along with the ideas which felt good, to develop strategies for creating and maintaining a happy and healthy mind.

Under Matt’s guidance, over the last twenty years countless people have transformed their outlook, cast off their stresses and, often after decades of unhappiness, finally found themselves living a new happier and more fulfilled life.

Now as an author, living in Oxfordshire, England with his wife and children, Matt is thrilled to finally be able to share the secrets of everything he has learned.