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Hello from Matt!

Matt is an author and engaging speaker, who shares his wealth of experience as a practitioner helping people to regain their health and happiness. He is a passionate believer that health and life problems can be resolved provided we have the right tools. “Let’s get you to feel good first’ is his mantra, as decisions made in the wrong state of mind, often lead down unwanted paths. Not a fan of complicated psychology he prefers a more straightforward and practical approach. Life is far better when we feel good and his work is about helping people do just that.

Matt’s digital mental wellness programme for companies and organisations, designed to empower your team to be able to be able to ‘Fire Up’ their own personal happiness and deal with stress more easily.

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Matt was thrilled to be asked by Colgate to partner with them on their Europe wide campaign to promote optimism. Their vision was that everyone deserves a future to smile about and they wanted to inspire people to find the courage to change their own world for the better.

Over the moon to have this endorsement from the band @coldplay– talk about a #thankfulthursday!


With each and every chapter being jam-packed with nuggets of wisdom and quirky illustrations, ‘Happiness the inside job’ helps us to improve our mind-sets, overcoming personal unhappiness, whatever its cause, and enabling us to start enjoying life again.

This is a must-read for anyone who feels that happiness has been eluding them.

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The ebook is available on the platforms below. 

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