Some words of wisdom from Matt on World Happiness Day


Okay Happy International Day of Happiness I’d like to give you a tip
today and this tip is that when you’re born I believe you arrive saying
tada this is me this is who I’m born to be this is a person I’m going to be but
what happens is as we move through life. We begin to move away from the person

We’re born to be and we move away out to here. So what happens when you move out here,
is your trying to people please. You’re trying to fit in try to mold yourself in the environment which you’re in now.

The trouble is when you’re feeling yourself, feel really good, you move away from who
you know you are. Doesn’t feel very good

There’s a really clever feedback mechanism because it’s basically saying –
When I’m myself I feel great. When I’m not being myself I don’t feel very good.

So the tip of the day:  

get yourself back to the person that you know you can be,
happier in your own skin,

in your own shoes,

it’s the best and most happy place to be.

Matt 🙂