Addressing mental and emotional wellness has never been so important.

We are currently living in a fast changing world. The last 2 years has created much change, challenge, and uncertainty within people’s lives.

Many people are feeling strained, mental fatigue and have lowered mood. Left unaddressed this can take its toll on work-life, home-life and on our personal wellbeing.

Stress and burnout are the biggest reasons for staff having days off and people handing in their notice. Currently mental health issues are experienced by 1 in 3 people.

Exhaustion, overwhelm and a feeling of ‘flatness’ is currently common place. Having to deal with these multiple new challenges in our lives is causing stress and heightened anxiety.

Matt has spent over 24 years showing people how to put themselves firmly back in the driving seat of their own happiness and mental wellness – whatever circumstance they find themselves in.

Time for a Company “Pepp Talk”

You will already know that you get the best out of your team when they are happy and more optimistic. They will be more productive, more engaged and more creative. Less stressed individuals take fewer sick days, have more energy and have fewer health problems. We know that happiness and positive mental health in the workplace are both crucial to company success.

Of course, life has ups and downs.

Matt simply shows you how to improve your mood and outlook so you can more easily deal with what life throws at you and be able create a life that you want and are proud of.

Please get in touch if you would like one of his PeppTalks for your team 

“Personally in a world that was full of overwhelming activities, people, places and priorities, ‘Happiness The Inside Job’ literally helped me re-order the clutter in my mind by providing immediately actionable ways of thinking.”

Rob Mellor, VP & GM EMEA, WhereScape