11th April 2019 

To make this update a bit more fun I have hidden COLDPLAY song titles for you to find within it.

  • Please see how many you can see and take the quiz at the end!
  • On Wednesday 17th April, 5 people who have submitted the correct answer will win a signed copy of my book.
  • They will be chosen at random and I will send the book to where ever they are in the world…just a little way of me saying thanks for being patient.

(I will post a list of the correct song titles on my website on Wednesday 17th April too)

Good luck with the quiz  !!

Dear Coldplay fans.

As you can imagine it was a massive rush of blood to the head when the magnificent COLDPLAY posted on Facebook and Twitter about my book. What an amazing day that was, simply magic!

My Amazon page went into a frenzy, sparks literally flew and in less than 20 minutes the book had sold out on Amazon…

I’m thrilled that my book on happiness resonated so much with the COLDPLAY fans, in fact, it sent very pleasing shiver down my spine 🙂 

Now for the hardest part, I know many of you haven’t been able to get the book as quickly as you wanted to. We have to restock the book which normally takes 3-5 days, so the clocks ticking…

The great news is that Amazon have contacted me to say they are currently restocking their supplies as quickly as they can- so don’t panic , everything is not lost I thought …

The trouble is that whilst they are doing this they automatically place a message up saying 
‘Dispatched within 1-3 weeks’ or even 1-3 months (!), which hurts like heaven, come on Amazon, this seems like twisted logic as the books only takes 3-5 days to get to you, I don’t have to be the scientist to know 1-3 months too long ?!? Please help us back to paradise…

I have received many messages from Coldplay fans asking when it will be possible to buy the book again.

And the answer is you still can place an order even with these messages 🙂  O,  the everglow of knowing this – in fact the glow is all yellow…
By doing this you will be one of the first to receive your book first when it comes back in stock, which is now estimated to be on Tuesday 16th April all being well. Those messages will change and Amazon will send your book out to you at the speed of sound …so it’s all on the up and up .

I hope the sky is full of stars for you tonight.

Thanks for your support, and really hope you enjoy the book.

Viva la vida!

Love Matt


How Many Song Titles Did You Find?



    (We will email entrants all the answers on Wednesday 17th April)