How to be a ‘Trooper’ not a ‘Drooper’ 

1 Day Workshop

A light-hearted and insightful workshop looking at how you can become an empowered and happy ‘Trooper’ and not a stressed and unhappy ‘Drooper’. 

It covers: 

  • How you can to boost your personal resilience in times of high stress
  • How to improve and enhance your personal happiness levels both at home and at work
  • How to find and function from your natural confidence
  • How to deal with life and work pressures in a healthy way 

The training is empowering and teaches each team member how to fire up their own happiness levels what ever is going on at home or at work. They come away with tips and tools on how to become the happiest and most vibrant versions of themselves.

Very useful session for team building.

For 8 – 20 people 

Can take place at your workplace or is run in a beautiful location in Oxfordshire. 

‘I found the session truly a rewarding experience both personally and professionally. Matt really does have a few tools up his sleeve that are easily transitioned to reality and can help promote emotional well-being and general sense of positivity!’

Anna Solomon, Senior Staff Nurse, Great Ormond Street Hospital

Matt has been  helping people to feel at their best for over 20 years. He delivers this 1 day workshop to companies and organisations who want the low down on what it takes to help their team members feel good.

With his relaxed style and easy to grasp approach you will leave feeling ‘Pepped-Up’ and ready to go !

Please get in touch if you would like one of his PeppTalks for your team 

“Personally in a world that was full of overwhelming activities, people, places and priorities, ‘Happiness The Inside Job’ literally helped me re-order the clutter in my mind by providing immediately actionable ways of thinking.”

Rob Mellor, VP & GM EMEA, WhereScape

Boost your team with a happiness book!

Would you like to give your team a boost? If you wish, we can arrange for each team member to receive their own copy of the book.

Each and every chapter is jam-packed with nuggets of wisdom and quirky illustrations to help them to improve their mindsets, enhance their emotional wellbeing, be the more confident and passionate people they were born to be.

Having the book will allow them to get to grips with their happiness levels at their own pace.

Give them a boost … they will be very grateful and happy that you did!

Get in touch if you would like to order books for your school, company or organisation

“Matt has taught me to be more positive and to move on from frustrations in life. Everything in the book makes perfect sense. It’s definitely worth reading!”

Elle Ellison - People and Culture Director, Austin Fraser