Today is the first day of Spring and the International Day of Happiness. Coincidence? No – I don’t think so!

A day for renewal and one that is supposed to make us feel good – full of the joys of Spring.

But how do we do that – and how do we stay happy?

This is a question I used to ask myself on a regular basis. I used to believe that my emotions arrived randomly, depending on external situations and influences. I thought that it was only by chance that I would feel better on some days and worse on others. Now I have changed my tune. I finally realise that I have to be proactive in attending to my emotions if I want to feel happy. This requires quite a lot of attention and plenty of practice.

Just as the best gardeners keep a close eye on what is happening in their gardens, tending to them day to day, the same goes for our emotional health, it must be tended on a daily basis.

By tending to your own emotional garden every day, you can proactively make yourself as emotionally strong and resilient as you can. When you feel strong and able to cope, happiness springs forwards and your life will take off.

So how do we improve our emotional gardens? One way is to literally get outside in to your garden (or into a park, place or nature if you don’t have one).

Here are a few tips:

Better clarity

Life today is full of so many different inputs coming at us constantly via social media, newspapers and TV. We are bombarded with information on our phones and other devices all day and night, and unfortunately more often than not, the media seems to focus on the sad or depressing stories. Too much negativity and bad news can drain the life force out of us empathetic humans, playing on our minds and making us feel guilty or sad. Being inside means we are surrounded by them,

Finding ourselves outside means that we can give our minds a break, clear our minds of this negativity and feel more refreshed.

Less stress

Only allow into your head what suits you, and more importantly what feels good to you. By getting out in nature our focus can be pulled away from what’s bothering us and changed onto our surroundings. Our perception changes and we relax.

You feel what you focus on, so focusing on the elements, and beauty of being outside makes us less stressed.

This will make a world of difference to your mood and mental health.

Being Yourself

This sounds very simplistic but it is so vital to remember to just be yourself. It is a miracle that you were born into this world at all, so we can all be grateful for our place on earth. Each and every one of us has something unique and special to offer the world, we were all born to be brilliant in our own way. When you can truly be yourself, standing tall and proud in your own skin, then you will feel your best.

Being in nature has a powerful effect on this. It’s like we can connect back to something, or more precisely to ourselves. Just allowing we to feel the warmth of the sun. Breathing in the fresh air …briskness of the wind, somehow makes us more alive.

This aliveness is so important, as we need to feel better in ourselves before anything else can improve.  When we begin to feel happier with ourselves we find that a new perspective appears, strength arrives and life becomes a whole lot easier. We have a clearer and brighter perspective.

More energy☺

Being outside give us more energy.

Appreciating nature puts things into perspective

If we can do what it takes to learn to feel better in ourselves first and change how we are feeling for the better, then we can change the lens through which we view our life and ourselves.


For more tips, just follow this link to my book where you’ll find far more guidance than this little blog will allow!