The Lunchbox Doctor loves the book!

Huge congratulations to my friend Jenny Tschiesche, AKA The the lovely Lunchbox Doctor, a.k.a Jenny Tschiesche on the publication of her new cookery book!


‘Sheet Pan Cooking: 101 recipes for simple and nutritious meals straight from the oven’

What she Jenny doesn’t know about creating a healthy meal in a pan is just definitely not worth knowing… I am thrilled for her and hope the book sells like hotcakes!.

The funny thing is that a few years ago Jenny and I went to a Wellbeing conference together.  One of the speakers spoke about how you can turn your knowledge and experience into a book. We were both completely inspired that day and now, here we both are with published books.

As soon as my book was complete I wanted Jenny to be one of the first to read it, her opinion was so important to me as she had been there right from the start. So I sent her one of the first copies printed and she sent these kind words in return:

“ loved reading ‘Happiness The Inside Job’. It’s an extremely accessible guide to processing our thoughts. The outcome of reading this book is a healthier and happier approach to many of the modern day pressure situations and feelings we all share.’

My plan right from the beginning was to create a friendly manual for life, something which I wished I had been given twenty years ago. A book with coping mechanisms and strategies to guide me through the hard times, full of positive and accessible ways to improve my life and happiness. I am thrilled to say that the book has already got loads of  5 Star reviews on Amazon and seems to be helping others to feel better in themselves.

So Jenny, now we both have books out there which will help people in different ways, we have done it my friend!

If you would like to To check out our books :

Jenny’s book is released on 13 March 2018 and can be pre-ordered:

‘Sheet Pan Cooking: 101 recipes for simple and nutritious meals straight from the oven’


My book is available now:

‘Happiness Tthe Inside Job : The 7 Ways to Life-Changing Happiness’ by Matt Pepper

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