Life’s Better At The Top!
The Happiness Barometer Challenge is a digital video training programme for companies and organisations, designed to teach their teams exactly what they need to do to boost their mental health and fire up their own happiness.
It’s Time To Give Your Team A Boost 
Based on live training that Matt has developed and delivers to NHS staff and medical teams (and too numerous other companies), this insightful and practical training is now available in a digital format.
It gives teams the tools and the outlook, to bounce back from difficult times and find their way back to feeling good again.

Let’s Put Air Back In The Tyres

Even those with robust mental health before the pandemic have been tested over the last year. Many employees are reporting feeling flat, anxious, or dealing with increased feelings of stress. We don’t want to slide down the Happiness Barometer…

It’s as if the air in our emotional tyres has been deflated. Many of us are running at half power mentally, emotionally, and energy-wise.

 A combination of new ways of working and huge home-life adjustments have meant we all need to find new ways to lift ourselves back up the Happiness Barometer. It’s time to learn how to re-boot our positive mood and build new levels of resilience.

 The Happiness Barometer Challenge is exactly what’s needed right now!

It’s Time For An Empowered Happy Mindset

This training will put your team firmly back in the driving seat of their own positive mindset and teach them how to create their own good mood!

What Each Team Member Is Going To Get…

  • A valuable mental wellness tool kit – giving multiple ways to improve resilience and create a positive mindset
  • Accessible content – there are no complicated theories, just a lot of common sense and real world strategies
  • 12 modules – each one empowering in its own unique individual way. Addressing different aspect for creating a more robust mental and emotional fitness
  • Bite-size videos – showcasing different theories and tools, to help reduce stress and build up mental and emotional resilience
  • Fun and interactive exercises – so that each individual can work out what happiness boosting exercise works best for them in their day to day life
  • Digital format – the videos can be watched on any device with a browser, e.g. a phone, tablet, laptop or computer
  • Flexibility – watch in the morning or evening, at work or over the weekend… watch all in one go or a few minutes here and there
  • 1 Year Licence – participants can return to any module, at any time, for a year, if they need a pick me up or boost in a particular area

Matt’s presenting style is relaxed, light-hearted, and friendly.

Although the content has been 20 years in the making, this course isn’t hard work.

Once they get started, your team will really look forward to getting onto the next stage of the programme, because it is certain to bring a smile to their face and put a spring in their step!

What The Course Covers

  • The Happiness Barometer – this is a visual tool which allows us to identify how we are feeling. Learning to feel good – no matter what is going on around us – means our work, relationships, health and energy will also improve.
  • Fire Up Your Own Happiness – we often blame other people and our circumstances for feeling low, but we become empowered and self-aware, when we learn to take responsibility for firing up our own happiness.
  • The Super Trooper versus Drooper Mindset – it is our perspective on life which counts. Adopting a mindset that sees the best and most positive outcomes, is crucial to improving our happiness.
  • Tend Your Emotional Garden – learn to plant the seeds of positive emotion, weed out negative emotions. We need to go for what we want in life by doing more of what we love.
  • Jump On The Groovy Train Of Thought – our thoughts impact our work, home life and relationships, so it is crucial to learn how to manage them and how to fill our heads with good feeling happy thoughts.
  • Turn Your Muck To Luck – when life is tough, responding in an empowering way without getting ‘stuck’ makes such a difference. We can roll with the small things, and use our inner fire to help us overcome the worst
  • Expose Your Ta Daa – if we try to be something we are not, we get out of sync with the real person inside. When we learn that it is ok to be ourselves, our lives take off in new and empowering directions.
  • Listen To Your Wise Old Gut – our instinct is our strongest and most reliable guidance system, we must learn to listen in and act on our ‘gut’ feeling. Having the courage to follow this guidance means we will do what is right for us and feel so much better.
“It’s Joe Wicks for the mind !”
“I loved the whole course, so compelling”
Rob Mellor – VP & GM EMEA at WhereScape

As Matt says, ‘We all fluctuate up and down The Happiness Barometer on a daily basis. The key is learning that we have the power to be able to move up towards the top whenever we need to’.

This is what he will be teaching, step by step.

To get your team started on this life-changing programme, please fill in the form to request a free demo pack of The Happiness Barometer Challenge