One thing which every person on the planet desires is to live a fulfilled and happy life, and yet happiness seems to elude so many of us.

Matt shares the secrets of twenty years of giving his clients the power to change their outlook, enabling them to find their inner happiness and keep hold of it, no matter what is happening in their lives.

His aim was to create a friendly, easy to use and insightful manual for life. With his 7 Ways to Life-Changing Happiness he shows us how to raise our own happiness levels.

The book has had some wonderful feedback from a huge range of readers: from people using it in their professions, such as doctors, therapists or lecturers to people who are using it as their bedside guide to help them feel less stuck and more uplifted.

It’s been a hit with young people too…

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“This book is such a brilliant read. It has really made me stop and think about the way I live my life and how, with some small but incredibly insightful adjustments, I can live life better. Would definitely recommend!”

Hannah Huggins - Co-founder, New British Design

In the book Matt explores the seven ways which he has identified to find your life-changing happiness

1: Fire Up Your Own Happiness

Fire Up Your Own Happiness

How you can be in charge of how happy you are and ways to raise yourself up The Happiness Barometer. See how life improves dramatically by learning to feel good in yourself first.
Say goodbye to believing that circumstances have to dictate how you feel.
You have the power to change how you are feeling.

2: Expose your Ta-Daa!

Expose your Ta-Daa!

How you can be the ‘real you’ again. Let’s get you being the person you were born to be. Placing this crucial piece of the happiness puzzle in place by living life as your brilliant self, expressing your uniqueness, being able to ‘dump any fronts’ which you thought you needed to function. You can now be happy in your own shoes.

3: Tend Your Emotional Garden

Tend Your Emotional Garden

How you can nurture and grow your own positive emotions, doing what it takes to feel your best and weeding out any unwanted negative emotions. You have the power to improve how you feel. You might feel bad or even get low, but I am going to help you see how you can improve things emotionally for yourself and quickly fire up your own good mood.

4: Jump on The Groovy Train of Thought

Jump on The Groovy Train of Thought

You can fill your mind with good-feeling happy thoughts and stop allowing it to get clogged up with negative ones. Learning to “think great” is a game changer. You can change both the way you think, and what you think, so you become in charge of your own better thoughts. Let’s get you learning to enjoy and feel empowered by your own thoughts.

5: Listen to your Wise Old Gut

Listen to your Wise Old Gut

Learn to follow your gut and know what is right for you.

Let’s get you tuning in and really listening to what your wise old gut is telling you because it always knows what is best.

This way your best life possible will unfold naturally.



6: Turn Your Muck to Luck

Turn Your Muck to Luck

Learn to bounce back from the worst of times and create your own best of times. We look at the keys to self-empowerment and how you can achieve an empowered state of mind to take you over life’s hurdles and move your life forwards.

Let’s get you creating a clear calm perspective on what your life is all about and seeing the best in people, situations and your future.

7: Pimp Up Your Purpose

Pimp Up Your Purpose

How you can point your life in the right direction and get to where you want to be. By doing what makes you feel good and discovering your passions, you will be inspired to jump out of bed each day to follow your dreams.

Each and every chapter is filled with insights, case studies and quirky illustrations, which will give you a new understanding of how to live a happy and fulfilled life. The concepts are insightful, simple to grasp and apply; you will wonder how you never thought of them yourself! If you want to change your life for the better and find your true happy self, then this is a must-read.

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‘Shake up your mindset with this light-hearted approach to self-development. Happiness: The Inside Job, is ideal for those of us looking to feel a little more positive no matter what is happening in our lives and perfect for embracing the changing seasons.’