Helping Teenagers

Matt’s Book is helping the younger generation

I must admit that I hadn’t really considered teenagers too much when writing my book, but since it launched the feedback from 16 to 24 years olds has been consistently great, and so many adults have told me that they have bought multiple copies for all of the teens and young people in their lives.

The easy to grasp tips and tricks for a happier life, the simple design and fun illustrations, and the easy to read nature of the book, all make it very appealing and accessible to young people. We know that they need this kind of information, about how to stay true to themselves, how to avoid bottling up problems and how to pimp up their purpose in life.

Times are tougher than ever for young people, with too many screens and too much pressure from their peers via Instagram, Snapchat and all the other apps, to be constantly cool and forever reinventing themselves. They have said to me that no-one has ever taught them the sort of stuff which they are reading in my book, and said what a huge difference it is making to their lives.

This is hugely gratifying for me, nothing is more important than the mental health of the next generation, so if I can help in any way at all then I am thrilled to do so.

I have an ever increasing number of presentations at sixth form colleges and universities coming up, and I am really looking forward to showing young people how they can feel good, healthy and happy.

Here are some comments from a few of my youthful readers:

“This isn’t just another ‘self help’ book that you read and forget about – Matt’s ideas, coping mechanisms and perspective on life shine through and provide such positive and accessible ways to improve your day to day life.”
Libby 23yrs

“Such a useful guide. Schools take little awareness of mental health and the book certainly felt like it addresses head on what my school didn’t. I even bought copies for my friends.”
Matt 18yrs

“A great tool for anyone whatever you are going through. I think you should read it – it’s a good book!”
Tarik 17yrs

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