The author has spent a couple of decades finding the simplest route and reasons to happiness, so he can share them with the reader for the most effective way to find a pathway of their own.

Drawing from the psychology of self and years of listening to human beings in need, Matt truly provides you with the tools to lift your happiness levels, whatever the world around you.

For me this is the most inspiring self-help book I’ve encountered. The design itself is happy and colourful with easy on the eye illustrations without the stodge of text on a page, it contains bitesize nuggets of wisdom to retain easily. The layout is so manageable for the mind to process plus, achievable to read within only a few days. In fact, I read it twice in quick succession, empowering me to start my journey to ‘up’ my happy levels! Its simple approach encourages revisiting the pages again and again. For me, the book is a pocket life companion.

The personable nature of the author allows you to get an insight into his search and background, offering a bonding, not just the feeling of reading a piece of text you are then to adopt that will supposedly change your life. Rather delivering a journey through another’s eyes to learn how you too can succeed in the happiness stakes and keep succeeding.

The continual references to real people’s lives, challenges, outlooks and successes is an inspirational support to the reader.

I was lucky enough to read this book prior to publishing to feedback, along with other lucky previewers, thoughts of the book from the perspective of one who is sensitive to life, faced many challenges and has fought battles with happiness for many years.

At 42 years old I finally feel I am armed with the tactics to win the war not just the battle, thank you, Matt Pepper.