Matt is a passionate speaker about mental and emotional wellness. He delivers his presentation to companies, universities and medical teams who want the low down on what it takes to feel good.

Your team will discover Matt’s practical and down to earth ideas that quickly and easily get to root of what makes and creates personal happiness.

Topics in the presentation include: why it’s so important to be in charge of your own happiness, creating positive emotions, finding your good-feeling thoughts at will, tactics for overcoming difficult situations and much more …

Matt shares his secrets learned over a long career, of what it truly takes for people to be happy.

COVID : ‘How to Fire Up Your Own Happiness  – during Covid’  – is a popular presentation tailored to current times 
Duration: 60 mins (usually with 10 mins Q and A)

Matt has given this presentation to many organisations including Great Ormond Street Hospital, Innocent Smoothies , British Gas, Reading University….

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The students found the way you presented was very relatable and the simple messages easy to remember and put into practice. The presentation gave many of them their first idea of happiness being something that they could effect… 

Will Rand, Director of Rowing, , Reading University

Boost your team with a happiness book!

Would you like to give your team a boost? If you wish, we can arrange for each team member to receive their own copy of the book.

Each and every chapter is jam-packed with nuggets of wisdom and quirky illustrations to help them to improve their mindsets, enhance their emotional wellbeing, be the more confident and passionate people they were born to be.

Having the book will allow them to get to grips with their happiness levels at their own pace.

Give them a boost … they will be very grateful and happy that you did!

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“Matt has taught me to be more positive and to move on from frustrations in life. Everything in the book makes perfect sense. It’s definitely worth reading!”

Elle Ellison - People and Culture Director, Austin Fraser