COVID UPDATE : Matt is currently running both his presentations and workshops online via Zoom / Teams. Mental health is a subject that has hit the headlines in the current crisis . Matt has been working to provide inspiring and uplifting presentations to companies to give people the tools to lift their own mood and find a more positive outlook to get through this passage of time .

Matt delivers insightful and uplifting talks and interactive workshops for all kinds of different groups, companies and organisations. The key to life is feeling good and Matt has the ability to transform people’s attitude and outlook in a short space of time, by sharing the knowledge he has gained as a practitioner.

Matt is currently involved with a project with the NHS, looking at how his methods can improve mental and emotional health of their medical teams.

He delivers these sessions to NHS trusts, private companies and other industries.

Life, love, relationships, work and health are all improved when we feel at our best. Matt has spent 22 years working with individuals and groups helping them feeling more empowered and happier in all aspects of their lives.

His very approachable and light-hearted style quickly puts people at ease and creates an interactive and enjoyable experience.

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“A fantastic speaker, probably one of the best we’ve invited to Fruit Towers. Really great at explaining different concepts, an original breathe of fresh air kind of talk. Great stuff.”

Laura Thompson, Office Angel - Innocent


For the last 2 years, Matt has enjoyed giving his PeppTalks and Workshops to help support the amazing medical teams at Great Ormond Street

I manage a team of nurses on a busy day unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital. We see up to 50 families a day at a time when they are very anxious and sometimes angry and upset.  Like many NHS units we have undergone many changes in the past two years. Although this has brought us together it has also been very challenging and stressful.

We learned that we each, as individuals, have the power to make or break our own day. The morning flew by and it was obvious that the team were totally engaged throughout. Everyone discussed how they felt calmer but more energised by the session. There has definitely been a more positive atmosphere on the unit since that morning. I am not sure what we were expecting but Matt’s session was absolutely perfect!

At a time when we are looking at how we can look after staff, trying to retain them and reduce sickness I think Matt’s sessions are invaluable, it has enabled me to give my amazing team more confidence, assertiveness and a well-earned boost of morale.

Thank you Matt!

Catherine Stuart Sister, Puffin and Woodpecker Ward

Matt delivers insightful and uplifting talks and interactive workshops for all kinds of different groups, companies and organisations.

‘I started the session with Matt as Jabba the Hutt and I left as Tinkerbell.

…I felt like my “negativity” was politely shown the door and kicked out on the street…’


Melanie Forster – Creative Director REDFUSE Paris