Creating Robust Mental and Emotional Fitness

Matt is a passionate speaker about mental and emotional wellness.

He delivers his presentations to companies, organisations, universities and NHS medical teams who want the low down on what it takes to feel good and more optimistic.

You will discover Matt’s practical down-to-earth ideas that quickly and easily get to the root of what makes and creates personal happiness.

He shares his secrets learned over a long career, of what it truly takes for people to be happier and more empowered in their lives.

His very approachable and relatable style quickly puts people at ease and creating an interactive and enjoyable experience.

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“A fantastic speaker, probably one of the best we’ve invited to Fruit Towers. Really great at explaining different concepts, an original breathe of fresh air kind of talk. Great stuff.”

Laura Thompson, Office Angel - Innocent

Matt delivers insightful and uplifting talks and interactive workshops for all kinds of different groups, companies and organisations.

‘I started the session with Matt as Jabba the Hutt and I left as Tinkerbell.

…I felt like my “negativity” was politely shown the door and kicked out on the street…’


Melanie Forster – Creative Director REDFUSE Paris