We are living in the digital age and one of the downsides of this, is that images of perfect people with perfect bodies, living seemingly perfect lives are everywhere. This can lead to feelings of insecurity and inferiority. We know we are all supposed to love ourselves and embrace our own body shapes, but this is often easier said than done. Sadly the way we feel, about the way we look, can have a major impact on our happiness levels.

So how can we change our mindsets away from desiring perfection to plumping for pretty good, when social media continually bombards us?

Here are some tips…

Be Yourself

This sounds very simplistic but it is so vital to remember to just be yourself. It is a miracle that you were born into this world at all, so we can all be grateful for our place on earth. Each and every one of us has something unique and special to offer the world, we were all born to be brilliant in our own way. When you can truly be yourself, standing tall and proud in your own skin, then you will feel your best.

Trying to be something or someone who you are not never works in the long run. When you start to move away from being the person you were meant to be, your confidence begins to subside and a feeling of emptiness arrives.

True confidence comes from being ourselves, and not the person we think others want us to be. So decide that right now is the time to be the real you again. Stand proud and tall, being your own authentic self.

Feel Good First

Looking at images of seeming perfection in others, especially when we are feeling low or anxious, can make life seem difficult and at times maybe even impossible. Feeling unconfident, doubting ourselves, all make us people’s target, so innocent comments can hit us like arrows

If you can, avoid comparing yourself to others if you are feeling like this. Avoid the images and magazines too, just until you start to feel better again. When you are feeling good, images like these won’t feel like such a direct threat, they can be enjoyed and even laughed at, when you are in a better feeling place.

It is so important to feel better in ourselves before anything else can improve.  When we begin to feel happier with ourselves we find that a new perspective appears, strength arrives and life becomes a whole lot easier. We have a clearer and brighter perspective.

If we can do what it takes to learn to feel better in ourselves first and change how we are feeling for the better, then we can change the lens through which we view ourselves and our life.

Thoughts Have Feelings Too

Remember that negative thoughts aren’t just there for the sake of making life difficult. If our thoughts feel bad, this is because our instincts are trying to tell us something. Perhaps that we are thinking about something in the wrong way and our perspective needs to change.

Try thinking about anything that creates better feeling thoughts for you, keeping away, as we said above, from comparing yourself to others. Focus on ideas, plans or times in your life when you felt good about life and about yourself. Focus on these and try to bring the same feelings back into what you are doing right now. You are in charge of your focus so start focusing well, snowball your thoughts in a positive direction and use them to knock away any negative rocks lying in your path.

Understanding that you are in charge of the process of feeling good is where all the power lies, so be proud of how amazing you already are.