Matt’s interactive digital training programme, ‘Fire Up Your Happiness’, for companies and organisations, is designed to show teams exactly what they need to do to overcome low moods and quickly enhance their mental wellness – by focusing on the power of the individual – not their problems.

Having a team that can shift automatically to an optimistic outlook is a game-changer. The digital workshop with its practical and down-to-earth content quickly and easily gets to the root of what makes people feel better. 

Matt has spent over 25 years helping his clients and workshop attendees to find and improve their personal happiness. He has studied and researched what it takes to improve your mental wellness and enhance your ‘va va voom’.

Now here in one place, he shares what he has learned in this transformational and easy-to-use programme. You can now give your team access all Matt’s experience 24/7…

Here’s the good news:

Using the tips and tools within this workshop your team will create the daily habits that will help them thrive and overcome any stresses more easily. Being able to create real and lasting mental and emotional resilience is key.

The QUALITY of your workforce is DIRECTLY influenced

by the quality of their emotions

This training has been certified by the Continued Professional Development Certification service. As you support your team to develop  the skills of self-awareness and enhanced mental and emotional health, you can be rest assured that you are offering a recognised and accredited training.

Matt was thrilled for this workshop to win a Platinum Award for
‘Best Mental Health Training’ at an awards ceremony in central London.

‘A great initiative to take to companies who really need it!

Janey Lee Grace BBC Radio 2

Matt’s style is friendly and relatable.

He’s not a fan of complicated psychology, and relies on an easy to grasp and very practical approach. The programme will put a smile on the face of your team and they will enjoy moving from module to module finding out what it takes to enhance their own mental wellness and improve their outlook.

As a company, providing the care and support for your team in the area of mental health shows you have their back. We know employees are more likely to stay in their job if they feel appreciated.

By giving them real-life tools to help them enhance their mental health and to feel good you are creating a supported team that is switched on rather than switched off.

Happy and optimistic teams are way more effective, have improved energy, are more cohesive, have less sick days, become more efficient and enjoy better performance

“It’s Joe Wicks for the mind!
I loved the whole course, so compelling’
Rob Mellor - VP & GM, WhereScape
‘Matt’s approach is unique and engaging, you want to listen to him.
I will use this information for years to come. Being able to switch off a bad mood is life-changing
Zoe Fleming - Director, CGI Health UK

‘ A life-changing experience, everyone needs to do this programme. Problems will not get in your way after this course…’

Elizabeth Foord - European Planning Director, Redfuse Paris

‘I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough. We all need this course now more than ever before!’

Kasia Banon - Group Executive Vice President , Design Bridge - New York

By having access to this award-winning digital mental wellness programme you are giving your team the secrets to a happier personal and work life.

To give your team direct access to improving their mental and emotional fitness, please get in touch.