Matt Pepper’s interactive digital training programme, ‘Fire Up Your Happiness’, for companies and organisations, is designed to show teams exactly what they need to do to overcome low moods and boost their mental wellness – by focusing on the power of the individual – not their problems.

Help your team to ‘feel better faster’

Happiness and positive mental health in the workplace are crucial to both companies success and harmony. You will already know that you get the best out of your team when they are happy; productivity, engagement, creativity, va va voom and mojo are all improved.

Less stressed individuals take fewer sick days, have more energy, fewer health problems and are less likely to leave the company.

Even those with robust mental health have been tested over the last 2 years. Many employees are reporting feeling flat, anxious, weary or dealing with increased feelings of stress. Changes and challenges in people’s lives have been huge.

Here’s the good news: Using the tips and tools within this workshop your team will learn to create the daily habits that will help them thrive, overcome any stresses more easily and be able to create real and lasting resilience for themselves and the company.

This training has been certified by the Continued Professional Development Certification service. As you support your team to develop  the skills of self-awareness and enhanced mental and emotional health, you can be rest assured that you are offering a recognised and accredited training.

Matt’s presenting style is relaxed, light-hearted, and friendly.

Although the content has been over 20 years in the making, this course isn’t hard work. Matt’s not a fan of complicated psychology and prefers the easy to grasp, practical to implement approach.

Once they get started, your team will really look forward to getting onto the next stage of the programme, because it is certain to bring a smile to their face and insights gained will make a massive difference to the fulfilment in their lives.

Matt was thrilled for this workshop to win a Platinum Award for ‘Best mental health training’ at an awards ceremony in central London.

‘A great initiative to take to companies who really need it!

Janey Lee Grace BBC Radio 2

“It’s Joe Wicks for the mind!
In a world that is full of overwhelming activities, people, places and priorities. Matt helped me re-order the clutter in my mind by providing actionable ways of thinking.
I loved the whole course, so compelling’
Rob Mellor - VP & GM, WhereScape
‘Matt’s approach is unique and engaging, you want to listen to him.
I will use this information for years to come. Being able to switch off a bad mood is life-changing
Zoe Fleming - Director, CGI Health UK

‘ A life-changing experience, everyone needs to do this programme. Problems will not get in your way after this course…’

Elizabeth Foord - European Planning Director, Redfuse Paris

‘I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough. We all need this course now more than ever before!’

Kasia Banon - Group Executive Vice President , Design Bridge - New York

If it’s time for your team to find the tips, tools and techniques to empower them to “Fire Up” their own happiness, you are in the right place.

To get your team started on this life-changing programme, please fill in the form to request a chat where Matt is happy to talk you through how your team will benefit from the programme.