Matt has dedicated the last twenty years to the pursuit of helping people to feel good. He works with everyone, from CEO’s, MDs, media professionals, performing artists, directors, to people who simply want to sort of a stubborn health problem with a new approach. They all have one thing in common, they want to experience insightful sessions alongside natural medicines to improve their health, outlook and their future. They all want to feel great again and be able to perform at their best.

Feeling overwhelmed, unhappy, anxious, burnt out, stuck, low or unwell with an ongoing physical health problem are some of the most common issues reported by his clients. The sheer pressure of life, especially if in the spotlight, can be simply exhausting.  Matt has developed a bespoke programme of support that will make a real difference to your health and happiness levels.

He works alongside conventional medicine as necessary.  His approach is free from side-effects and is non-addictive. The benefit of his offering is being able to mentor people individually on how to boost their own mental and emotional health, whilst tailoring natural remedies to support them through difficult periods of life / work.

These days he works with a small number of clients, usually around 6 – 10, so he can offer his best support to them.  This is not a one-size-fits-all solution, the exclusive programme is as tailored specifically to help improve your emotional well-being and resolve any physical health problems naturally.

His practice for The Consultancy is based in London, Marylebone, Oxfordshire ( home visits are also available, location dependent). 

See below for more information on his programmes:

Ff you are looking for a ‘Pepp-up’,  then one or two in sessions in Matt’s Marylebone clinic may be just the ticket.

He will :

  • Help you to gain clarity and find a clear direction through a challenging situation
  • Look at ways to reduce your stress naturally
  • Tailor a homoeopathic prescription to help improve the state of mind, boost personal happiness levels and overcome any niggling health problems. The medicines are safe, non-toxic and non-addictive

Please note: depending on the type of ailment you have, your current state of mind, your stress levels or for how long you have had the problem, there will be contributing factors on how quickly it can be sorted.  It’s likely that you’ll need more than a few sessions if we need to help a long-term issue.

£275 per session

To book a session please contact here

This day is completely tailored to you.

We will start the day getting to grips with what you would like sorted in your life and looking at how you would like to feel.

We will then give you a’ Pepp-Up session’ where Matt will look to tailor a homoeopathic prescription to help improve the state of mind, boost personal happiness levels and overcome any niggling health problems.

For the afternoon session, Matt will take you through some practical exercises on how to improve your mindset and bolster your emotional resilience, so you can take home tips and tools for the creation of the life you want to achieve.

£1500  – includes lunch and refreshments 

To book a Discovery Day please contact here

3 months tailored support 

This is a transformative programme for people who feel ready to make positive changes in how they are feeling and within their life. Over the last 20 years, Matt has found that 3 months is the realistic amount of time that it takes to start making lasting changes in your health and your life.

He has worked with CEO’s, MD’s, media professionals, artists, and directors who want to feel great and perform at their best. Other people have just felt ‘stuck in a rut’ and want to find a way out with the insightful sessions and a natural approach to better health.

Taking back the reigns:

Matt will help you to regain control of your life, learn how to think and feel better even in tough times and above all learn how to be yourself and not what you believe others want you to be.

It works on the principle that when you learn to improve your happiness levels and begin to overcome any personal hurdles or stresses that you are carrying, you will start feeling back to yourself again and your life will seem, feel and become a whole different place.

It doesn’t matter if you are feeling stuck with a personal issue, unhappy, lacking in a good relationship, burnt out, overwhelmed, isolated, anxious, or are dealing with an on-going health problem; we’ll make sure we get you to where you want to be.

Benefits to you:

  • Reduce any personal or work stresses naturally
  • Gain clarity and clear direction through challenging situations
  • Overcome niggling health problems with natural, safe, non-toxic homoeopathic remedies
  • Improve energy levels and sleep better
  • Learn how to boost your own personal happiness
  • Find your ‘zone’ where you function at your best
  • Discover a greater self of self-awareness which enables stressful situations to be dealt with more easily
  • Create healthy confidence where you are happy to be ‘you’
  • Come out of repeated negative cycles in your life
  • Boost all health levels (physical, emotional, mental ) naturally, so you can perform at your best at home, at work and in life. Staying well is key.

Tailored to you

The sessions are tailored to you, helping to improve your mental and emotional well being and sort out any niggling physical health problems with safe, gentle and non-toxic remedies. The sessions and the correct homoeopathic remedies help to enhance well being and reduce stress and worry and help you get back to being your natural vibrant self.

The Platinum Programme involves :

  • A weekly 1-2-1 session
  • Telephone support – Matt is available when you feel stuck. This makes sure you keep up the momentum and that we can work through any sticking points.
    All homoeopathic medicines needed to help soothe emotions, improve esteem or turn around any health problems
  • The luxury of a home visit for your ease and comfort

For the 3 months, we do what it takes – as a Platinum V.I.P client you are Matt’s priority.

He will help, support and guide you the whole time to get you feeling great and heading in the right direction.

BONUS : Matt offers up to 6 sessions for you to give to a family member/s.  Maybe you have a child with a re-occurring health problem, a stressed-out teenager going through a difficult time or a partner that needs a mental health boost. From experience this process is transformative and it’s great to offer similar sessions to family members to make sure everyone is as well as possible and on the same page.  (These bonus 1-2-1 sessions will happen in the same location as your own sessions.)

Availability is limited as Matt only works with a very small number of clients on this programme.

He always recommends an initial chat plus a meet in person to make sure this is right for you.

Please get in touch if you are interested in taking a place on the Platinum V.I.P Programme

Investment: P.O.A.

I was exhausted, over anxious, lacking in confidence and feeling very unlike myself when I went and met Matt Pepper. At the first session Matt listened, asked a few questions and then calmly explained how he knew without doubt that I could re-become the happy clear headed optimistic bubbly person I had been before. I am calmer, stronger, more patient and a thousand times happier – and all just by being me! I think everybody would find Matt’s insight into life hugely beneficial, whatever angle you were coming at it from.”
Emma, Musician (Muswell Hill)
I would have no hesitation in recommending Matt Pepper to friends and colleagues. He is a true professional and the sessions do exactly what they say on the tin. If you have come to a crossroads in life, asking for help is not a sign of weakness but a good move. Getting my mojo back has given me the power to love myself again and also to love and I now have a wonderful man in my life, something I never thought would happen.”
Sarah, Company Director (Chelsea)