You will already know that you get the best out of your team when they are happy. They will be more productive, more engaged and more creative. Less stressed individuals take fewer sick days, have more energy, fewer health problems and are less likely to leave the company. We know that happiness and positive mental health in the workplace are both crucial to company success.

In modern times with the pressures of demanding work schedules vying with the needs of home and family, unfortunately, stress levels can get out of control. Often people dealing with this type of stress will refuse to talk about their mental health or how they are feeling. They simply don’t know how to improve their own state of mind or how to create better feeling emotions for themselves.

Time for a Company “Pepp Talk”

Left unattended negative states of mind can lead to feeling overwhelmed, anxiety, depression, loss of confidence, illness and negative coping strategies. This is where Matt comes in, with a talk designed to inspire and rejuvenate even the most jaded employees.

During a “PeppTalk” he will cover the following key themes from his book:

  • How to enhance personal happiness levels and grow positive emotions
  • How to find your natural confidence and use it to perform better
  • How to deal with and navigate through difficult situations
  • How to improve personal resilience in times of high stress
  • How to create a happy mindset no matter what is going on
  • How to point your life in the right direction
Please get in touch if you would like one of his PeppTalks for your team 

“Personally in a world that was full of overwhelming activities, people, places and priorities, ‘Happiness The Inside Job’ literally helped me re-order the clutter in my mind by providing immediately actionable ways of thinking.”

Rob Mellor, VP & GM EMEA, WhereScape

Boost your team with a happiness book!

Would you like to give your team a boost? If you wish, we can arrange for each team member to receive their own copy of the book.

Each and every chapter is jam-packed with nuggets of wisdom and quirky illustrations to help them to improve their mindsets, enhance their emotional wellbeing, be the more confident and passionate people they were born to be.

Having the book will allow them to get to grips with their happiness levels at their own pace.

Give them a boost … they will be very grateful and happy that you did!

Get in touch if you would like to order books for your school, company or organisation

“Matt has taught me to be more positive and to move on from frustrations in life. Everything in the book makes perfect sense. It’s definitely worth reading!”

Elle Ellison - People and Culture Director, Austin Fraser