I was delighted to be asked by Colgate to partner with them on their Europe wide campaign to promote optimism. Their vision was that everyone deserves a future to smile about and they wanted to inspire people to find the courage to change their own world for the better.

They have launched a campaign across Europe to help champion optimism and help spread some positivity.

As a brand Colgate’s reach is huge, with over 60% of the household in the world using a Colgate product.

The aim of the campaign is to offer practical and useful advice that people can access daily to set them up positively for the day ahead.

In these difficult times with the challenges we face, it’s more important than ever to be able to find ways to help our selves lift our own mood .

They want “Our smile to become our true strength’.

I created a series of 10 positive pieces for them which would are being used as 3-minute audio clips on local radio and via Spotify.

They are currently being played in 12 countries across Europe and have so far been translated into Polish, Dutch, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German…so we are really spreading optimism far and wide!


The 10 optimistic themes are :

1.       It’s Good To Feel Good

How to be in charge of how you feel and ‘Fire Up’ your own optimism

2.       Perspective Matters

How to see tricky situations in the best possible light

3.       Creating Your Own Positive Emotions

Why letting others off the hook and not bottling up your own feelings is important

4.       Mindset Boost

Finding positive and uplifting thoughts at will by jumping on the Groovy Train of Thought

5.       Your Focus Counts

Why your mood is directly related to what you are focused on

6.       Mind Bouncer

How to make sure your mind is not overwhelmed with too much negativity from  the news / media / internet / friends

7.       Create Your Own Excitement & Buzz

It’s your life, we feel best when we follow our passions

8.       Little wins

Letting the small things in life make the biggest difference

9.       Appreciation

Why not dwelling on what you haven’t got and appreciating what you do have is the way to go

10.      Roll with It

Stress happens when things are not turning out as we imagined, we have to learn to roll with it


It is such a honour to be part of this campaign. I’m a passionate believer that you mood and mindset can make or break your day.

By taking steps to find the right outlook you can really change how you see the world and deal with any stresses you have.

By learning the tricks to lifting our own mood,  our smile can really be our strength …


Thanks Colgate !

Colgate. Our smile is our strength