A unique and highly effective blend of skills that bring about positive change

For 25 years I have been helping my clients overcome their negative states of mind and addressing ways to naturally reduce any troublesome or lingering physical symptoms. My transformative 10 Week Turnaround programme means we can support you with a tailored and bespoke approach.

The 10 Week Turnaround – who is it for?

This transformative programme is for people who feel ready to make positive changes both in how they are feeling and in their life. They know that there is more out there for them but feel unsure how to get there.

I help you regain control of your life, learn how to think and feel better even in tough times and above all learn how to be yourself and not what you believe others want you to be. From my last 25 years of experience I am finding this programme the best and quickest way to make a real difference.

It works on the principle that when we can improve your happiness levels, help you over any personal hurdles or through any stresses that you are carrying, you will start feeling back to yourself again and your life will seem, feel and become a whole different place.

It doesn’t matter if you are experiencing : feeling stuck, unhappy, lack of a good relationship, burnout, a work problem or simply wanting more in your life, we can make sure we get you where you want to be.

It is especially useful if you feel stuck in a rut and can’t see which way to turn.

Tailored to you

I tailor the sessions to you, help improve your emotional well being and also sort any physical health problems that may be niggling you with safe, gentle and non-toxic remedies. The tailored sessions and correct Homeopathic medicines help enhance well–being, reduce stress and worry and help you get back to being your natural vibrant self.

The programme involves:

A weekly 60 minute one-to-one session – now AVAILABLE ONLINE so not dependant on location.

Weekly telephone supportwe can talk on the phone when you feel stuck, this makes sure you keep momentum and we work through any ‘stuckness’ if it arises

All Homeopathic medicines needed to help sooth emotions, improve esteem or turn around any health problems.

For the 10 weeks we do whatever it takes — You are my priority.

I am available to help, support and guide through the whole time, to get you feeling great and going in the right direction.

Availability is limited: I only work with a handful of ‘10 Week Turnaround’ clients at any one time.

I always recommend we have an initial chat to make sure this is right for you.


FOR INDIVIDUALS – I have given 15,000 consultations over the last 25 yrs. It’s been a wonderful job to see people transform their life, over come their health issues and create a more enjoyable future for themselves.

FOR COMPANIES – I consult for companies and organisations. I often get a calls from companies because someone in the team is going through a difficult time in their life or at work and they need help to get back on track. I have worked with CEO’s, or people on the EXEC TEAM to make sure they are not feeling too burnt out or burdened with stress. Also it maybe an employee who is having a difficult time that needs support. I can create tailored packages to help.

Feeling stuck, stressed out, low, anxious, frustrated or low in energy can play havoc in both your personal and professional life. My experience can quickly guide you on a journey of personal transformation to feeling back to the best version of yourself, so you can feel at your best and live the life you want.

The 10 Week Turnaround

DECEMBER 2022 – I’m opening up 6 places on the programme in December 2022

December discounts for these 6 people are available if booked before Dec 31st

Please drop me an email if you are interested in this offer.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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I was exhausted, over anxious, lacking in confidence and feeling very unlike myself when I went and met Matt Pepper. At the first session Matt listened, asked a few questions and then calmly explained how he knew without doubt that I could re-become the happy clear headed optimistic bubbly person I had been before. I am calmer, stronger, more patient and a thousand times happier – and all just by being me! I think everybody would find Matt’s insight into life hugely beneficial, whatever angle you were coming at it from.”
Emma, Musician (Muswell Hill)
I would have no hesitation in recommending Matt Pepper to friends and colleagues. He is a true professional and the sessions do exactly what they say on the tin. If you have come to a crossroads in life, asking for help is not a sign of weakness but a good move. Getting my mojo back has given me the power to love myself again and also to love and I now have a wonderful man in my life, something I never thought would happen.”
Sarah, Company Director (Chelsea)