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A bit about Matt...
And why he does what he does


As a young teenager Matt suffered from fatigue, at times too weak to walk, even talking was an effort. Doctors tested and theorised what the problem may be but were unable to offer any solutions.

A route to recovery was chosen with Homeopathic medicine and quickly he was back to full health. This experience inspired him to pursue Homeopathy as a career. He wanted to learn about this practice that could help stimulate the body and mind back to a natural state of wellness.

After qualifying at the age of 23, and helping people with many common ailments from skin conditions to digestive problems to sleep issues it became clear that behind many of these physical symptoms were stories of stress, sadness or even trauma; was there a link?

A happy guy by nature, Matt was intrigued to learn why at times his emotions kept yo-yoing, why things were stressful, why life sometimes felt a struggle. What could he do to change this?

So, with his own personal happiness at the forefront, he visited counsellors, therapists, psychologists, sat on mountains with teachers, learning and listening. Not all of it worked for him, but he took the bits he liked and the ideas that felt good and focused on those. Having given more than 10,000 consultations over the past 15 years he has gained extensive experience of what it takes to improve someone’s state of mind. Under Matt’s guidance people transform their mindset and outlook, cast off their stresses and find their new direction.

Matt Pepper
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