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Happiness is an inside job —
The sooner you realise you have the power,
the sooner you shed the problem(s)

The course

Matt’s masterclass to
better mental fitness
and a much happier life

Let’s get you back to feeling your very best, whatever your starting point.

Matt’s workshop is your key to feeling good and reducing your stress naturally, giving you all the tools – the mental and emotional life skills that we were never taught – needed to create the life and future you want.

Easy, practical, genuinely usable techniques that mean minor changes make a major difference.
Fire up your Happiness
Pepp Talks

Helping companies feel good from the inside out

Happier individuals = Happier teams =
Happier customers = Everybody wins.

It’s not rocket science when you break things down to their fundamentals. This is exactly what Matt’s group sessions deliver, sharing the essentials from what it takes to fire up your own happiness to how to boost mood, mental fitness and how this all feeds into your everyday.

Accessible and relatable to all, the goal is a group coming away realising they are each in charge of how good they feel. Get the basics right, for yourself, and the rest follows...

Better productivity, performance, less sick days, flourishing company culture... above all, happier people.
Let's talk business  people

If you're thinking of arranging a workshop for your team, you can check out the course here
One to One

Optimising you

We can all feel stuck at times.
And we can all fix that.
Sometimes we just need a hand or a different approach.

Whether it’s a momentary block or something deeper, ongoing, mental, physical, Matt’s tailored personal sessions focus on exactly what you need, getting to the very heart of the issue(s) you want to address.
Tell me more about you

Who’s it for?

If you know there’s something that you want to change, you’re half way there.

From high-powered, high-pressured CEOs and the most creative artists to people who aren’t seeing the results they want from traditional forms of medicine, Matt works with you to holistically reduce whatever is getting in the way of your wellness.


Physical health, pain, mental and emotional wellbeing, stress, anxiety, mood, energy, sleep, resilience, confidence, performance.


Through sessions solely focussed on you and finding real solutions. And where beneficial, homeopathic remedies can also be incorporated.
The Book

The inside job

Everyone on the planet wants to live in a fulfilled and happy life, and yet happiness seems to allude so many of us.

Happiness, the inside job shares the secrets of twenty years of giving clients and workshops attendees the power to change their outlook, enabling them to find their inner happiness and keep hold of it, no matter what is happening in their lives; an easy to use and insightful manual for life. With 7 ways to life changing happiness I show you how to raise your own happiness levels.

The book is the perfect pocket guide to help you feel less stuck more uplifted.

See for yourself — find the book at

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Hi, I’m Matt

I’ve been doing what I do for 25 years, and I’ve been doing life for longer than that. From the challenges I’ve encountered along the way to what I see every day in the clients and companies I work with, I know that what makes us happy, better, starts with ourselves.

When we truly grasp this, everything else seems to come a lot easier. It still takes work, and life does have a habit of throwing up curveballs, but when we’re centred, in a good place, our ability to navigate all and anything that comes our way is infinitely improved.

I work with indivduals one on one, with global organisations such as Colgate, brands including Innocent, and the incredible Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

Whether it’s 1 person or 1,000, I work with people to get the best of and for themselves.

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